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10 Apr 2017

This is my first native post to DreamWidth. LiveJournal has been moribund - if not quite dead - to me for a long time.

I could blame FaceBook, but let's be honest - it was FaceBook.

I've been off FaceBook for Lent, and I'm here to tell you that I'm happier and my blood pressure is lower. Of course, I have other blogs, but they're fairly specific. Amateur Monk houses all of my religious and spiritual thoughts, and of course, there is the Camino blog.

I'm experimenting with cross-posting those here.

But I have found that I need an outlet for random thoughts that don't really belong in either of those two places. For years now, that's been FaceBook. Have I mentioned FaceBook? But I'm tired of the Outrage of the Day, and I'm less and less satisfied with enforced brevity.

So, will this become my new online journal? Who knows? They say the blog is dead, but I've been dead before.
Imagine our surprise when we entered the Cathedral square in Santo Domino de la Calzada and were greeted with this! As it turns out, Confirmations were being celebrated that day, and we would only have a short time in the Cathedral before the beginning of the rite. Well, any Sacrament trumps a... (more at

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